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Bumblebee Honeycomb Bow Tie - Child Pre-Tied

This tie will make sure you stand out from the hive. Show up at a summer party, and you’ll definitely have people buzzing. What we’re trying to say is... this yellow Bee Bow Tie is as sweet as honey.

One day, you’ll have to give your son the talk about the birds and the bees. But for now, you can avoid all that awkwardness and just give him a matching Bumblebee Honeycomb Bow Tie.

This Father-Son combo is perfect for family photos, weddings, reunions or really
anywhere else you want people to say, “Aw shucks, your kid is cute,” not “Who’s that toddler running around with chocolate all over their face?” The son's version is pre-tied, 100% silk, limited edition.  Normally we don’t condone pre-tied ties, but if you’ve ever tried to dress a toddler, you know it should be an Olympic sport. So we made it easier for you. You're welcome.

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