Curiosity on Mars Red Planet Rover Bow Tie

This isn't the first time we've sent a rover to the Red Planet or made a bow tie with a robot on it. However, this robot is such a bad ass US aerospace engineers deployed it onto the martian surface with a SKY CRANE during a sequence known as Seven Minutes of Terror. What a cool freaking entrance! This is also the first time OoOtie engineers showed a little love to the aero/astro kids down the hall with a bow tie that speaks their language. While Curiosity is doing its thing on the fourth rock from the sun, we suggest you take take part in this moment of human ingenuity and snatch up one of these limited edition bow ties before the final count down. We chose the colors for a reason. Mars is red, and Curiosity cost 40x as much as gold on a per mass basis. 100% Silk. Standard 2.5 inch bow with adjustable neck sizing from size 14 to 20. Very limited edition.

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