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Peacock Bird's Bow Tie - Child Pre-Tied

A family of peacocks is called a “bevy.” And wearing these matching Father-Son bow ties is called an “awesome idea.” The Peacock Bow Tie is the ultimate fashion symbol. Sure, some people might accuse you of showing off. But hey, when you’ve got it, flaunt it. (They’re probably just jealous anyway.) 

This Father-Son combo is perfect for family photos, weddings, reunions or really
anywhere else you want people to say, “Aw shucks, your kid is cute,” not “Who’s that toddler running around with chocolate all over their face?”

 The Son's version is pre-tied.  Normally we don’t condone pre-tied ties, but if you’ve ever tried to dress a toddler, you know it should be an Olympic sport. So we made it easier for you. You're welcome.

100% Silk. Very limited edition.

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