OoOTie™ (rhymes with bow tie) makes it easy for everyone to buy bow ties. It's the fun new way to update your wardrobe and sharpen your style. Bow ties with Personality Our special, limited edition collection, OoOTies™, is a unique assortment of bow ties you won’t find anywhere else. Black silk ninjas, zombies in wool, polyester pirates, or ponies and mint juleps … whatever your personal style, OoOTies™ has a bow tie to reflect it.

Look Good...Do Good...Feel Good True style goes beyond bow ties. Here at OoOTie™ we believe philanthropy is the perfect accessory for any outfit. We donate a percentage of our profits from the OoOTie™ classic collection to math, science and engineering scholarships. And every limited edition tie supports a specific charity, chosen by the artist who designed it.

Try Browse our collection online. Or better yet, download our mobile app, and use your smartphone to “try on” different bow ties. Just select a tie you like, hold your phone under your chin, and look in a mirror to see how the OoOtie™ looks on you.

Buy Order your OoOTies™ from a computer or a smartphone. All our prices include shipping and tax (within the US). If you’re ready to make a bow tie commitment, sign up for our Triple-O Subscription, and we’ll send you a stylish new OoOTie™ every month for six months. Impatient? We’ve got you covered. You can opt to receive all six ties in one shipment.

Rely You can count on OoOTie™ to help you look your best. Our Tie Tutorial will help you rock your OoOTie™ with confidence and style. We’ll show you how to tie your OoOTie™ and help you select the right tie for every occasion.

OoOtie™ for Every Guy From classic bow ties to trendy limited edition ties, the OoOTie™ collection has it all. Our core collection is available year-round. Plus, we’re constantly expanding to bring you the latest in seasonal fashion, including holiday designs and one-of-a-kind designer ties that reflect your style and personality. Check our collection on a regular basis to discover the latest OoOTie™ additions.

Calling All Artists. If you’re an artist who’s itching to design OoOTies™, drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to work with you.

Questions? Comments? Contact us. Send us a photo of your best OoOTie™ look. Place a special order. Let us know how much you love your OoOTie™. We love to hear from our customers.