Oootie History, Bow Tie Design Inspiration, Who Runs the Bow Tie Brigade, FAQ, etc.


How did OoOtie Get Started?

One spring day, our founder, Matthew Pearlson, walked into a men's clothing store in North Hampton and said if the owner could teach him to tie a bow tie, he'd buy one. Forty-five minutes later, Matthew was the proud owner of his first bow tie. He wore his first bow tie in a charming picture for the 21st Century Scholars photo shoot.

The photo then made its way to a family friend of Matthew's, who happened to be the then-holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for World's Largest Bow Tie Collection. Upon seeing Matthew's photo, his friend took several handfuls of bow ties, and sent them to Matthew. Matthew was only slightly worried to see a package weighing 12 pounds was headed his way.  

With an instant collection, Matthew took his bow ties to his graduate program at MIT, where he instituted Bow Tie Fridays. Every Friday, dozens of MIT graduate students would roam the hallways, looking unusually dapper, and a tradition was created.  

The Institute

While at MIT, Matthew met another like-minded bow tie aficionado, and they both agreed that as awesome as bow ties are, there weren't nearly enough exciting designs. That's when OoOtie was born. Although the designs (and the hair) have changed, the bow ties remain constant.  


How do you pronounce OoOtie?OoOtie (which looks like a bow you can't unsee it now), rhymes with Bow Tie. But frankly, we don't care how you say it, so long as you like how they look.  

How do you tie a bow tie? We promise, it's actually very easy. Check out this how-to video. Still having troubles? Email us at and we'll set you up with someone who will walk you through it.  

Will you really ship my bow tie all the way to [Guam/Australia/ this oil rig I'm on for the next three months]? Yes. If it's in the US- shipping is free (sorry Canada). Everywhere else, we should have an international shipping option for you. We've shipped pretty much everywhere over the world. If you don't see your shipping option listed in the drop down, send us an email at and we'll set it up. We'll get it to you, even if it requires carrier pigeons.  

How long does standard shipping take? Our ties get packaged the same day if ordered before 5pmEST on a business day (ties purchased over the weekend will be packaged and shipped first thing Monday morning).  Then, from there they travel USPS to their destination.  We ship out of New York so addresses on the East coast typically arrive in around 3 days and West coast takes around 5.  But if you've got a special date you need your bow tie for, email and we'll confirm.  

What if I don't like my bow tie? We want our customers to love their ties. If you don't love it, send it back within 30 days, and we'll refund your money.  

Questions? Comments? Contact us. Send us a photo of your best OoOTie™ look. Place a special order. Let us know how much you love your OoOTie™. We love to hear from our customers. Emailing us at