Bow Tie Heroes - Special People Who Wear Oootie Bow Ties

Don't get us wrong, our models are handsome and dapper, but did you know they're OoOtie customers and intellectual bad asses? Get to know their bow tie style and why they have been chosen for this page. 


Justin A. is a scientist who focuses on cancer research.  He's highly credentialed, but one of Justin's greatest memories was wearing an OoOtie TRex bow tie to his wedding at the Boston Science Museum.  

There must be something about bow tie wearers and science, because Abhi K. is another brilliant mind who works on cancer drug discovery.  Abhi's got a love of bright colors, so the orange dinosaur tie is one of his favorites.

Juan G. is an executive at a major digital marketing and technology agency.  He helps major brands find their voice. Born and raised in Boston, Juan can rock the classic Bostonian look like only a born-Brahmin can.

Software engineering isn't the only thing that Vincent D. excels at. Vincent has been known to regularly rave dance at 6am on the Boston Harbor with the Daybreaker crew.  Originally from Chicago, our Chicago Market tie has a soft spot in his heart.  

Bassist, graphic designer, and writer, Jon M. is a man of many hats...or bow ties rather.  A true renaissance man, he embodies all the things that make a bow tie hero so special.  Check out a bit more about him here.  

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