How Oootie Designer Bow Ties are Made

A great tie doesn't just happen.  But lucky for you, we've got this down to nearly a science.  

Here are all the steps to making an OoOtie.  

  • Brainstorm ideas.  Typically they involve things we wished were on our sheets when we were little, like robots or rocket ships.  Or we have an event like a conference or a wedding and decide we really need a tie that's all about ______.
  • Scour the internet for inspiration.  
  • Cut and paste.  Hey, we're not the artists, our designers are.  But they need some kind of vision.  So, we grab all the photos we can, throw them into a PowerPoint and say "we're going for something like this...but can you make it cooler/hipper/critteryier/smarter?"
  • We pick the colors.  In case you were wondering, the Pantone Color Search is a deep dark hole that you can get sucked into.
  • Our magic elves designers translate what was in our brain into what would work on a tie. We come up with geeky bow ties, nerdy bow ties, bowties for scientists, teachers, friends, and hipsters. Our inspiration is endless!
  • They send back a proof.  We say either "we love it", or "back to the drawing board".  We're not exaggerating when we say that this process typically takes around 100 emails.
  • Our manufacturer generates some samples and we get really excited at our first view of what's next.
  • There's a lot more tweaking until we deem it good enough to be an OoOtie.  See that California Bear tie?  That star is too small and the colors are off so we needed to make some tweaks.  But once it's ready, we give our blessing and the run is started.  
  • We wait several weeks until our OoOties are hatched and they're delivered, fresh as downy snow.  
  • Our amazing photographer does a fast turnaround of making these beauties look gorgeous for their close up.  Then we post them online and get them ready to send to you.
  • If you're lucky, you'll catch one of our designer, one-of-a-kind bow ties before they sell out and you'll be wearing one on your neck.  Our vague idea turned into a very dapper reality.